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ভালো পন্য!”

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you are all very well. Today I will discuss with you which fridge to buy from the market and how not to buy a fridge. I will discuss with you in detail about this. Because if you open this post today, I will request you to read this post carefully from the beginning to the end. If you don’t read this post carefully, but you will not understand anything about this post. Read




carefully from the end to the end. If you read carefully, you will understand that it is okay and I write these posts for you with a lot of effort, because you may get a lot of posts from Google, but many posts are not important. The reason I write for you by typing with a laptop is because reading these posts will benefit you a little bit if your friend buys a fridge in the market. In case you have read this post then you can give more knowledge




to your friend which fridges to buy through the market and enjoy for a long time no need to do any servicing of the fridge just once serviced 2 to 4 years 5 years can use it effortlessly So friends this is going to be today’s post again guys don’t try to post again read the post carefully from beginning to end I can say with guarantee if you read free direction you mean yourself or someone in your house or any member of your house or





family or You can give it to any member of your family or any member of your area. If you read it from the beginning to the end, the first thing you will say is that you will share this post with your 100 friends. If you share it with your 100 friends, but many of us will follow you. That you have income tips tips then there is android update but you will get these posts but if the bell icon in our notification is on the website Well, at least we didn’t go down




without explaining ourselves first,So friends, now I will explain to you how to buy a fridge from the market or an angel. First of all, if you do not buy a fridge in the market or offer it to your family, then first of all I will say that you will not buy a brain. It’s a name that has been used by people for a long time, it lasts for a long time, but it opens the brain and it closes it from the market, which is always running





more and more to me, and people are able to use it more and more. It is banned because the product does not come but according to its name but the money comes. The fridge is fine. I hope I can explain this to you manually in a very clear way. Now I will tell you that you will not recognize me. That is, if you can reduce it a little, then first of all I will say that the refrigerators in Bangladesh are the only




thing that is being inaugurated in Bangladesh. Alton then there is the Minister OK but these are OK but these are not very peaceful but two days after three days can be ruined you can have a lot of troubles a lot of problems can happen OK now that you are running like Bangladesh Walton is our own then what about me How to buy or buy If you have money means you are rich then I will request you to buy a minister fridge because if you




buy a minister fridge then you can get a lot of benefits. If you serve once in 23 years 23 years then you have to use it again. No problem in fridge and no problem and no servicing. Just do it once every two years and three years. I hope I can explain to you.So friends, this page of the paper has it, but most of the time it is used on Twitter, then the page that is in the middle, but most of it is used in our house due to family problems. These can be used to catch fish from meat to different





quality. It has been seen that there are underpants in big famous hotels which are there but these fridges are taken especially especially so I hope friends read this post about you and if you can buy it, someone is trying to explain it to you in detail. You will understand, friends, if you like our post a little bit, you will like it all. What can I do for you? Don’t cross the post without liking or sharing with one person because you don’t see our





posts, but it hurts a lot because these posts are just finger type. But what do we have with laptop or mobile which is why this was today’s post, if you like it, you must share or profit reake Please don’t forget to comment below and share it with your friends. Everyone will be fine. Stay healthy. See you in the post on the next topic, Al Hafiz Bhai.

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